Main aim

Our new journey is justified by an urgent an actual need to tackle radicalization within European societies. The project aims to prevent radicalization of youth by enhancing community engagement and strengthening social cohesion.

Our approach is based on multicultural dialogue, trust building and above all on cultural and artistic expression. Moreover, we are not merely targeting youth for their vulnerability, but first and foremost for their ability to become key actors in preventing radicalization. CommUnity project aims to tackle push factors such as marginalisation, inequality, discrimination and denial of rights and to create new opportunities to promote peace and shared values through artistic and cultural expression. By giving a voice to young people, including those  who are feeling marginalized or unfairly treated we can build powerful communities with an enhanced sense of belonging, well-being and self-esteem. In CommUnity, we adopt design thinking as a way to create our interaction models while offering all participants the opportunity to enhance their future competences.

Our strategy thrives from the conviction that Beauty will save the world. Accordingly, we put beauty and arts to the service of peace and in the hands of young people! We firmly believe that youth can prove to be the most efficient ally in preventing radicalization within local communities and beyond!

Our creative approach will be tested in the following EU countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain and Netherlands.

Stay tuned for the up-coming coordinated campaigns: Cine CommUnity, Women’s CommUnity, Men’s CommUnity, Harmony CommUnity, Youth Creative CommUnity and Youth Creative Festival: Peaceful Together.

The CommUnity is going to get poEthic!