New Article! 📝 

Scriptural Reasoning activities, in the frame of the YouthCreative CommUnity Campaign, are still going strong.

Arco Forum, partner Organization in Spain in charge of the activity – along with Casa Turca Barcelona, are proud to announce that an article on Scriptural Reasoning was published the 4th of February (Human Fraternity Day) within the frame of the World Interfaith Harmony Week in the weekly newspaper “Alfa y Omega”. Alfa y Omega is distributed within the ABC Newspaper which reaches 83 000 people in printed form (weekly) and another 5 000 trough digital ways (daily).

Scriptural Reasoning Activities is a new concept, invented by the Cambridge Interfaith Programme of the University of Cambridge. ARCO FORUM is the first entity to introduce this concept in Spain.

You can access the whole article here ☞