On 24 September at 12:00 (EST), at the UNGA Conference 2020, the winners of the Pioneers in SDG’s Award were announced.  The Virtual Award Ceremony was held on a virtual platform and was broadcast live on YouTube. Intercultural Dialogue Platform and its partners applied for the award with the CommUnity Project. An international jury evaluated the contributions of the projects based on four criteria: innovation, stakeholders, reach and impact. Competitors from all 5 continents participated. We were extremely pleased and proud to learn that the CommUnity Project won the Stakeholder Award. In addition, CommUnity project was also awarded with a Certificate of Recognition for its commitment, dedication, philanthropy, and community service.

The Pioneers in SDGs Awards is organised annually by The Journalists and Writers Foundation and its 35 Global Partners with the aim of paying tribute to outstanding individuals and organizations that contribute to sustainable peace and development through innovative and creative projects. Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies; protecting human rights, the rule of law, and democratic values; empowering women, girls, and youth for social justice and equal opportunities play an essential role in achieving sustainable development goals worldwide.

Esra Aydin, the Communications Director of the Journalists and Writers Foundation congratulated our organization, the project partners and its team members on this achievement. “The Journalists and Writers Foundation and its 35 Global Partners appreciate your contributions to society through your project serving as an exemplary model that inspires others towards positive social change while contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is a remarkable opportunity for you to share your project as a best-practice with the United Nations and other relevant stakeholders while exploring other opportunities for collaboration and partnership.’’

Event videos and photos are available on the website www.unga-conference.org.