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On the Sustainability of the Project.

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The sustainability of the CommUnity Project was discussed throughout the entire project and focused on the continuity of the CommUnity Project’s Network, Knowledge, and Activities.


The CommUnity Project partners have strategised and continue to strive to maintain a sustainable network to promote and facilitate collaborations for future activities and initiatives, support each other in the initiatives partner organisations will take, and rely on each other for knowledge and expertise as needed. Formal and informal communication channels and applications will be used to keep in touch with colleagues and promote each other’s activities and projects. These channels will also be used for future collaboration and cooperation, for example to design joint projects, train each other, integrate project activities where appropriate, invite partners as guests, participants, speakers, trainers, and motivators and collaborate in the organisation of initiatives such as trips, festivals, and conferences. Furthermore, the partner organisations created enthusiastic and motivated youth communities during the implementation of the project. Their commitment to the partner organisations can facilitate the development, organization and implementation of future projects.


The CommUnity Project aims to effectively archive, use and share findings, information, tools and feedback for the partner organizations and other relevant stakeholders to apply, share and improve the knowledge obtained and generated throughout the CommUnity Project and ensure its long-term use and dissemination. Most project outputs will be published on the project website and will be accessible to the public.


Although ensuring the continuity of the CommUnity Project’s activities after the end of the project is a challenging endeavour, some partners conceptualised their activities within the campaigns to ensure that they could be sustainable and potentially replicated by some of the partner organizations and external organizations.

The Cine CommUnity Campaign partners expressed their desire and motivation to include film sessions in their regular programme and curriculum after the project and EU funding ended. Equipment, such as a screen and audio equipment for the film studio, was purchased for some implementation phases. Thus, the participating organisations already had the technical and practical tools and equipment to ensure the continuation of the activities with little financial effort.

Similarly, most of the partner organizations in the Youth Creative CommUnity Campaign mentioned that they will continue the project activities after the end of the Youth Creative CommUnity Campaign. Since the end of the campaign, organisations such as Arco Forum or IDP continue to organise events in the framework of the campaign (e.g., Scriptural Reasoning, Book CommUnity).

Additionally, in reference to the Harmony CommUnity Campaign, Arco Forum created the JOIRE orchestra with the idea of long-term sustainability in mind from the very beginning. The interfaith choir/orchestra will continue to exist after the end of the project, and the musicians’ meetings for next year are already scheduled. They will continue to rehearse and give concerts (in different parts of Spain) organised in collaboration with other local associations, organisations, and NGOs.

In addition, the partners reported that most of the online and offline activities and workshops are highly replicable and can be easily organised by other civil society organisations or schools in their social change ecosystem.

Furthermore, the best practices acquired and demonstrated by the partner organisations during the CommUnity Project activitiesand the development of the Methodological Guide, Toolkit, and materials created for the youth worker training sessions will continue to be disseminated in the local communities of the partner organisations. They will inspire other organisations to organise similar activities that can lead to positive social change.