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Living in a mountainous region in the least developed and poorest municipality in Croatia is already an adventure and challenge of its own. Add the lack of an adequate youth infrastructure, challenging geographical circumstances and a limited offer of activities for young Croatians, and it gives you a general idea of how young people in Gracac, Croatia, live. 

Unfortunately, they do not have equal opportunities as youngsters in urban areas which has made the establishment of a Youth Club by Udruga Prizma ever more important and relevant. The Youth Club is a safe and friendly place where local youngsters can develop their creativity, critical thinking skills and create a community.

So far, Udruga Prizma has organised 16 different art workshops, including acrylic painting, street art, graffiti and more, to encourage youth to develop their creativity and encourage self-expression through art. The workshops cover the basics of art including; compositions and aesthetic values. The activities also elicit self-reflection and critical thinking skills, thereby stimulating the process of identity-building. Most activities are done in groups or pairs to encourage group work, enhance the sense of community and accept and embrace diversity. 

Throughout the Youth Creative Campaign, the youth of Gracac is not only provided with the opportunity to develop in a creative way, but also to create and strengthen their networks and relationships, express their worries and desires whilst fostering active participation and community engagement.